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Transporting its listener on the commute, at the gym or in the office, podcasts have shows that listeners have become to follow as if they were television shows- looking forward to their weekly episodes or disappointed when hiatus hits.


We Listen and Filter So You Don't Have To 

  • Top Ten Podcasts this Month. These our selections of new podcasts or newly discovered by us for you to check out.
  • Podcast Hit List. Our selections of a sampling of the newest, hippest, independent or must-listens. 
  • Podcast Networks. These are the Collections of podcasts that if you like one, you may like all.

Drawing from audiobook listeners, talk radio audiences and those that want to have a voice; Podcasts have become a movement. 


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Spreading the Podcast Love, One Listener At A time

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Podcasts integrate the romance of early radio with the technology of modern times to bring humor, truth, knowledge and gossip to the masses. 

Harkening back to the days of radio programming or the early era of Hollywood, It has become a force unto itself of advertising, bringing back the power of the spoken word. Independent podcasters have discovered more than ever they can create their own tribe of following rather than relying on being selected by casting and it has offered a platform to more famous, and infamous, personalities a platform of their own creation to reach the masses and create opportunities. 

One Simple Word Can Make You Fall In Love
— Zaika

Audio Book Lovers 

Not comfortable yet with typical podcast episodes, want to mix up your podcast listening or prefer a more traditional format of audio books? Check out our selections here.



We give you the Cliffnotes version to get started 

For the new podcaster, where to start can be intimidating. We present simplistic hacks to get you started in podcasting- think of it as podcasting for newbies (trying to be more diplomatic than using the word dummies). For the experienced podcaster, we give you a few tips to up your podcast game. 



Podcasts are not going away and the market is growing; can your business afford not to get in on this forum? 

  • How to Make Money from Podcasting. These are list of ideas for the podcaster to make money in order to support production costs.
  • Sponsorship Explained. Why should a business sponsor a podcast 
  • Sponsors. These are the companies friendly to podcasters along with other sponsorship ideas. 

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