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We Listen and Filter So You Don't Have To 

For the new podcast listeners, itunes and other streaming sites can be confusing and overwhelming. We put together the down and dirty lists of the Top 5s on the subjects you may be looking for- not based on vague rankings but quality.

Podcasts integrate the romance of early radio with the technology of modern times to bring humor, truth, knowledge and gossip to the masses. 


Instead of the doom and gloom of your horrorscope, check out our Podscope. Daily doses of podcast forecast to shine a little light on your morning commute, treadmill run or post dinner dishes clean up.

Podcast Quote


Drawing from audiobook listeners, talk radio audiences and those that want to have a voice; Podcasts have become a movement. 


We give you the Cliff Notes version to get started 

For the new podcaster, where to start can be intimidating. We present simplistic hacks to get you started in podcasting. For the experienced podcaster, we give you a few tips to up your podcast game. 

Podcast Menagerie

Our "Podcast Menagerie" is  about Broadcasts gives a weekly update on a featured podcast. These are the Needle in the haystacks, niche, entertaining, inviting, thought-provoking, arresting, sometimes annoying and just plain downloadable podcast episodes. Because well, everyone needs a little risk in their life- and you don't need to sign a waiver.

Our weekly bulletins reveal "news" or informational accounts you may not be reading or seeing on your favorite news sources. Podcasts give an intimacy and false sense of trust that other interview formats do not provide.  This causes a lot of interviewers the opportunity to delve deeper or for more information to be revealed. So go deep my friend.